Bowling at The Benalla Bowls Club

Outdoor Bowls Commitee For 2015-2016

Outdoor Bowls Section Main Committee

President: Bob Mclarty

Vice President: Rod Mildren

Secretary:Graham Moore

Assistant Secetary: Ayleen Jackson

Treasurer: Norma Edwards

Assistant Treasurer: atherine Chuke

Committee Member: Bronwyn Binks

Match Chairperson: John Dennis

Tournament Chairperson: Judy Merkel

O & M Club Delegates: Graham Moore & Bob Mclarty

Unified Match Committee

Media Officer: Graham Moore
Chairperson: John Dennis
Rob Mitchell
Martin Welsh
Ian Hobson
Kerrie Leask
Brian Hogg

Tournament Committee

Chairperson; Judy Merkel

Kerrie Leask
Geoff Cooper
Richard Allen
Ian Hobson
Brian Hogg

Mid Week Selection Committee

Chairperson: Catherine Chuke

Rae Sheppard: Julie White

Bob Mclarty: Barry Robertson

Weekend Selection Committee
Chairperson: Graham Lessing
John Stevens
Wayne Neylon
Stan Gardner
Jim Hodder
Brian Hogg

Ladies Catering Committee

Lorna Armstrong
Norma Edwards
Doreen Tilbury
Heather Hodder

Kath Nunan
Marg Felmingham
Jean Martin

60 & Over Section

Bob Mclarty: Manager

Jon Edwards: Assistant Manager

Helpers: Alan Rowler & Bob Styles

Delegates: Bob Mclarty & Jon Edwards

Web Site Co-Ordinator: Graham Moore & Bob Bunting

Outdoor Bowls Section Yardstick: Graham Moore

Catering Co-Ordinator: Doreen Tilbury

Coaching Panel

Head Coach: Mark Jacobsen

Junior/Schools Coach: Graham Moore

Active After Schools Communties Coach: Graham Moore

Club Coaches: Alan Cromie & Graham Moore


Max Drummond, Eric Brewer, Robyn Cooper, Judy Merkel


Lynda Wilson, Lorna Armstrong, Tina Neylon, Wayne Neylon

Green Keeper

Rob Mitchell

Indoor Bowls

President: Joy Weston

Vice President: Bill Billman

Secretary: Yvonne Dows.

Treasurer: Yvonne Dows

Jeanie Holmes, Val Hagg, Maureen Cromie & Geoff Green

Committee Full Member:
Maureen Cromie

Match Committee Chair:
Lorna Brown

Joy Weston & Lorna Brown

Yard Stick:
Marg Nankervis

Presidents Bob and Joy extend a warm welcome to you at benalla bowls club inc. Our club organises many tournaments and social days for members and
guests and we hope you enjoy the facilities offered to you we wish you an enjoyable season.